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Basic sales commissions with EZ Auction are outlined below:

Items that sell for up to $500.0030% of Final PricePlus actual PayPal and eBay Fees
Items that sell from $500.01 to $1000.0025% of Final PricePlus actual PayPal and eBay Fees
Items that sell from $1,000.01 to $5000.0020% of Final PricePlus actual PayPal and eBay Fees
Items that sell from $5,000.01 to $10,000.0010% of Final PricePlus actual PayPal and eBay Fees
Items that sell from $10,000.01 and up.5% of Final PricePlus actual PayPal and eBay Fees




All sales are final. Once a bid is placed on principal’s merchandise it becomes a legally binding contract for the buyer and seller to complete the transaction even if the closing value is lower than expected. 

Ebay Reserve charges for Auto, Truck and Motorcycle auctions vary from $5 to $10.

These are refundable after meeting set reserve price.

Customer can choose to run a "reserve price auction" where you would start the auction at a low price to entice bidding, but you wouldn't have to sell it unless it reached a certain limit specified by the principal. 

   If it doesn't sell the second time you can pick it up within 30 days or client may discard it or offer it to charity. 
 Our commission rates are the most reasonable and lowest anywhere.

Just compare!


Sometimes, there are circumstances that require special selling arrangements. Call or write for further details:


You bring us the items, we do the work and you collect the CASH!

Here's how it works.....All items to be sold involve signing a contract. There is a $20 deposit on eBay and PayPal fees as well as EZ Auction's commissions. Depending on the value of the item and how involved the listing is will determine an unsold item fee of either $10 or $20 at the end of the transaction.

EXAMPLE: Joe brings in four items to be sold. A baseball glove, a bowling ball, a steering wheel and a radio. Here is how a typical breakdown of fees and profits would look:

ItemSold PriceeBay Listing FeesFinal FeesPayPalEZ CommissionCustomer Net
Baseball Glove$1501.103.152.10$45.00$98.65
Bowling Ball$35.951.05---$10.50$22.50
Steering Wheel$25.951.00---$7.50$15.55
RadioDid not sell.95----------$10.00 (Unsold Item Fee)

Sub Total


Total to customer including refund of $20 Contract Fees


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Most auctions are set up for seven or ten days. With cars, trucks, boats or motorcycles, we strongly recommend a ten-day listing.

Automotive Listings: eBay has recently changed their policies involving listing cars, motorcycles and trucks. The new pricing policy (with a reserve price set) for EZ Auction is as follows:

$85 up front to eBay (10-day listing)

$60 up front to EZ Auction for creating listing and shooting photos


$145 up front for cars or trucks TOTAL


(RV's are $160 Up front

and Motorcycles are $115)


If motorcycle sells, eBay now collects a $60 Final Fee.

Note: If a car, truck or motorhome is to be re-listed, only $85 would be required. If a motorcycle is to be re-listed, a $55 fee would be required.

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We strive for the best customer service and we

research ways to make you the most MONEY on

your EZ Auction sale!

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