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I am so glad I found this service. I have used it many times. The help in finding the value of items, friendly service, and concern are just outstanding.

- Ray Miller, Staunton, VA -


These guys are the BEST! They sold my car in a hurry and got the price I was looking for!

- Jim Groah, Raphine, VA -


It used to drive me crazy to put anything on eBay. The guys at EZ Auction have 'shown me the light' in making some extra money with unwanted items on eBay.

Service and item descriptions are top notch!

- Bruce Elder, Staunton, VA -


Dear Russell and Staff:
Thank you very much for the high level of care you all have provided while handling the negotiations for price and sale of our under utilized equipment. The time and Knowledge available from all of you facilitated 2 sales which would not have taken place in timely fashion without you.

Thank you again.
Cheers Ya-all',

Michael Nash, Staunton, VA

April 15, 2008

Dear Russell,

I want to thank you for selling my 1949 Ford pick-up. From listing, finding a qualified appraiser, to arranging a car carrier pick up, your service was superb. I will certainly use EZ Auction in the future.

Thanks again,

Jim Bevins, Waynesboro, VA

May 7, 2008


I commissioned EZ Auction to sell a car for me.   While anyone can sell on Ebay…few sellers could have matched the expertise in the EZ Auction listing.  The description was detailed with just the right things highlighted and the pictures were excellent!

I highly recommend EZ Auction for all your Ebay needs!

Thanks Again for everything!!!
Gay Losh.........August 26, 2008

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